Fee Schedule

Tuition is $115 per day on a monthly basis for the 2014-2015 school year. Tuition is payable by personal check on the first business day of the month. A $50 late fine will be charged if tuition is late. You will also be responsible for any charges incurred for insufficient funds. No refunds are given if your child is absent due to illness, family vacation, etc. You may also purchase additional days other than your contractual slots at the $120 per day tuition fee. Please check with teachers for availability. However, switching of days will not be permitted once scheduled slots are taken to ensure the smooth operation of the program.


A deposit must be made upon signing the Roots and Wings Kids, Inc. child-care program contract.  The deposit is equal to one months’ tuition. Once your child is enrolled, you are responsible for tuition payments for the full eleven months. Should you need to withdraw your child, you must give at least 30 days’ notice. If you or the Board of Directors is able to find a suitable replacement for your child, your deposit will be refunded, minus any outstanding fines or tuition payments.  You remain financially responsible for your slots until the Boards of Directors approves a replacement.