Behavior Guidelines

We will encourage children to get along with each other by providing different activities, including arts, crafts and manipulatives for children to work together as a group project.

We will help children solve their own problems by providing support and encouragement. If a child is having difficulty finishing a puzzle, we would ask questions about the shapes or colors to help them figure it out.

The Roots & Wings premises is set up to encourage acceptable behavior by having different areas for children to explore, as well as boundaries to discourage any indoor running.

Difficult behaviors will be responded to with re-direction. If a child keeps trying to take a toy that another child is using, we will direct the child to another toy. If a child becomes physical with another child, the child will be re-directed away from that child.

Discipline techniques will vary by age. An older child will know more about acceptable behaviors and serve as a model for younger ones. A 12 month old would not need to be re-directed for throwing a toy, but a 2 1/2 year old would.